versatile entertainer (comedian/singer), the personable SAL RICHARDS

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Sal is the author of a best-seller, “Behind the Laughter, Hidden Tears,” which sums up his life…

As a kid growing up in the East, he always wanted to be in showbiz but he had to climb many hurdles…ask
him how he did it…he had a flair for comedy,so, naturally, he wanted to make people laugh…what steps did
he have to take to reach his destination as a top-flight entertainer, mostly as a comedian?

He got a lot of training breaking in his comedy act in the famous Borscht Belt of New York state…ask him
to tell us a bit about the Borscht Belt…did he meet a lot of established stars hanging around the Borscht
Belt? How did his wife help him with his career?

About how many jobs did have before making it as a comedian?

Sal has worked many of the big clubs in the U.S. and he did very well working clubs in Las Vegas…ask
him how the business has changed in recent years? Right now he is working mostly in Fla., entertaining
senior citizens at community centers & condos…they love him!

He appeals to Jewish crowds although he’s Italian and he knows how to make all ethnic groups laugh a lot…how does he do it?

But, as the title of his book hints to us, there has been much unhappiness in his life? Ask him to talk about
the many heartbreaks–did they help him in any way to rise in show biz? How did he handle the death of
a son?

You can go to your computer: SAL RICHARDS THE AUTHOR

Ask him how his book came about…quite a story!

What motion pictures has he appeared in? Who are some of his favorite show biz folks?

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