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Jennifer Jolly (USA Today, NYT Wired Well) is showcasing Smart Living. She has the insight into better living through smart, connected, and/or AI-enabled devices. What does that mean? Think about how we’re able to talk to Alexa and turn on our lights, listen to music, get news, sports and weather reports – that’s just the beginning.

During this segment, she will take simple every-day things we like to do like watching movies, YouTube videos, or listening to music, then show how much easier the experience can be when it’s part of a smart, connected network. To-do’s like running to the store, cooking, or cleaning your house are also part of the story: “how can smart, connected/AI-enabled devices make this task easier/better/faster?” Learn how to really make our tech work for us!

What are some of the cool things I can do with these smart products?
What are the basics I need to get started?
Is it hard to find products to connect my home or apt?
Where can we go for more info?

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