When Technology is Too Much

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Guest Opportunity: Robert Paolini — Real Estate Expert, Creator of the 7LP system, and Author of the upcoming Book, “Good Talk”

Technology replacing humans is one recurrent theme. We can argue about how many jobs are being destroyed by technology. Look, for example, at supermarkets and big box retailers replacing multiple (human) checkout operators with ranks of self-service machines — with perhaps one solitary human overseer standing silently off to the side.

How about Uber recruiting an entire university robotics department to try to accelerate the development of driverless cars?

When is it too much?

When does our communication as human beings become impacted?

What happens when too much technology is too much?Listen HERE

What does the world look like with home owners buying and selling houses online only?

What is missing at the self check-out stands?

Expert Robert Paolini can use his background and upcoming book, “Good Talk,” to open up an interesting discussion of the current wave in technology and the impact is has on society.

His Real Estate Group with Berkshire Hathaway Home Services is called “PR Properties”. PR to the group means “People & Relationships”, and it also describes the principles of success in our process, which are: Making sure the clients home is “Priced Right”, “Prepared Right”, and “Promoted Right”!

Meet Robert Paolini:

Robert’s exclusive 7LP system for getting home owners top dollar for their home in the perfect time frame ideal to the client has been the corner stone for his team’s abundant over-flow of inbound referrals and success in Real Estate. Robert’s true calling of educating other agents on his system is now a major priority. Robert’s love for people has expanded not just to his own clients but to other Realtors in the hopes that the good ones will be able to achieve their Real Estate goals which are a win for good agents and home owners alike.

Robert’s goal is removing the suffering in Real Estate typically found by home owners who find themselves in a transaction with an agent in the business for all the wrong reasons, and good Real Estate agents that are burdened by the lack of results from their efforts. Robert’s duplicable system is going to be a major part in his book that will be ready for print by the end of 2018. In the book will be valuable principles of networking, client acquisition, relationship cultivation, and effective communication principles for any industry. The main purpose of the book is to help people be more effective in their personal and profession life by sharing his ideas and best practices.

About the Book:

The book “Good Talk” is based around Robert’s 4 pillars of communication. The word “Talk” functions as an acronym to better remember when communicating with anyone on a personal or professional level. The “T” stands for “Truth”, as truth must be all that is spoken. The “A” stands for “attention”. Attention is the greatest commodity on earth today. The biggest companies on earth spend billions for your attention and they know the value. The “L” Stands for “listening”. Listening is the proactive part of paying attention. It is also your strongest weapon in negotiation and the most empathetic tool in communication. Seeking first to understand, rather than to be understood or simply waiting your turn to speak creates a problem solving perspective and opportunity to learn better how to solve a problem. The “K” Stands for “kindness”. Kindness is the attitude in which we must keep and the frame in which we view our thoughts, a situation, or even a negotiation. A positive and compassionate perspective when communicating with a loved one or adversary will allow you to disarm unstable situations and convey more empathy to your loved ones, as well as weaken the power of your adversary in a negotiation. In the training as well as in the book, you will learn specific tactics and techniques, as well as specific examples and principles behind their effectiveness.

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