Who’s Ready For Joe Biden To Shut The Country Down With his Death Panel Of Deep State Doctors?

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Biden coronavirus advisor Osterholm says U.S. is ‘about to enter Covid hell’

Biotech Expert: Chi-Com Virus Vaccine Announcement Was Deliberately Delayed Until After Election to Hurt President Trump

Joe Biden’s Coronavirus Adviser Has Argued That Nobody Should Live Past 75

Biden Coronavirus Adviser’s Plan Would Give Other Nations Vaccine Developed In U.S. Before All Americans Have Access: Report

How More Lockdowns Could Affect the Opioid Epidemic

COVID-19 AUTHOR AVAILABLE: Michael Betrus, is a coronavirus researcher author of COVID-19: Lockdowns on Trial.

Talk with Michael Betrus for factual COVID 19 data on:

– Why that huge number of “cases” is the wrong number to look at

-Why he believes a second wave this fall highly unlikely

-What the most important number is when analyzing the risk of COVID where you live

-The data on mandating masks/face coverings and what the science says about when wearing masks make sense and when it doesn’t

-Why Michael means when he says “the pandemic has become how we’re dealing with the pandemic

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