Writers Ditching Traditional Publishers for Self-Publishing

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Guest Opportunity: Howard VanEs – Self-Publishing Expert, Amazon Best Selling Author and President of “Let’s write Books, Inc.”

What is self-publishing? Self-publishing is one of the great cultural success stories of the digital era. Without self-publishing, many of our literary gems would never have seen the light of day.

But to make the most of this literary revolution, you’ll need to know how the medium and the market work. With self-publishing you are both author and publisher. You are in charge of all aspects of getting your book out to the world. Here are some things to think about…

Complete control of both book and marketing.
Short publishing timelines—quicker to the market.
Highest royalties.
You own all rights.

More hands-on approach.
You need to make an investment, and basically you will get what you pay for in terms of book and marketing quality.
You initiate all marketing or hire a publicist.

Howard VanEs has many years of writing experience and has used his knowledge to publish twenty-five books of his own. He is now ready to share his secrets with the world in the hopes of being an eye opener for all prospective writers!

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Howard VanEs can address this by answering the following questions:
* How has self publishing changed the book industry?
* What are the steps to becoming self published?
* What has changed over the years in regards to books and reading?
* How has the reading industry evolved over the last few years?
* Have devices such as the Kindle, changed the way we buy and publish books?

Meet Howard VanEs:
Howard VanEs is President of Let’s Write Books, Inc. (www.letswritebooks.net) a company specializing in providing self- publishing services to indie authors. Howard has over twenty-seven years of writing experience in every format imaginable, including writing twenty-five books of his own, many of which have been number one in their respective categories on Amazon. He has also written and created numerous books and information products for others and is the former owner and creative director of an award-winning ad agency.

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