11/22/2017 Podcast


Intro: We’ve already celebrated 4th of July, Labor Day, and
Halloween, and now the real holiday season is upon us. We’ve actually been seeing those “plan
for the holidays” TV commercials for at least a couple of months. Does anybody remember the
good old days when “Christmas” decorations and holiday shopping didn’t begin until after
Thanksgiving? Why do they really start the ads earlier and earlier every year?
Suggested Questions:
1. With “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” barely over a week away, how robust does the
2017 holiday shopping season look for traditional retailers and shopping malls?
2. With 2017 having been a banner year for online retailing like Amazon, and Walmart, and the
down-sizing of many traditional retailers like Sears, Kmart, and JC Penny, how will that
impact “mall shopping” versus online shopping for the upcoming holiday season?
3. Will we see a record in dollar spending for online shopping this season?
4. In comparison, will we see a decline in mall shopping, both in attendance and in dollars
spent, as compared to last year?
5. Do most Americans forget about their future financial planning, such as retirement and
children’s college savings, during the holiday gift-buying season? Does your book,

Customize Wall Street, address ways to help folks stay focused and disciplined, even when
there are other distractions?
About Harvey Neiman:
Harvey Neiman is President and Chief Investment Officer of Neiman Funds Management, LLC.
And has been on CNBC, Fox Business, and has been interviewed by the Wall Street Journal,
Barons, and many other publications.
Customize Wall Street, by Harvey Neiman, is a practical tool designed to help you take control
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