2015’s Most Hackable Holiday Gifts Digital Safety Expert Shares What You Need to Know about this Season’s Top Tech Gifts, Gives Tips to Avoid Security Risks


About the talent: Stacey Conner, Online Safety Expert, Intel Security Stacey Conner is an Online Safety Expert at Intel Security. She is focused on driving initiatives through education and business channels that focus on consumer’s online safety and meeting the needs in the security space. An advocate of teen, pre-teen and child safety with connected devices, Stacey is very passionate about ensuring kids are able to engage with technology, learn about the benefits it bring to their lives, but using it safely. She has appeared in consumer broadcast segments and quoted in lifestyle and technology pieces distilling down what parents need to know about online safety and security solutions.
Since 2006, she has held various roles at McAfee and Intel Security that drive strategic alignment of consumer products within retail and online to ensure global consumer online security needs are met. Prior to joining Intel Security, she spent 7 years consulting for some of the largest vendors in the computer and consumer electronics space where she held critical leadership roles in establishing marketing strategies within the global ecosystem. Stacey holds a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing from Indiana University. At home, Stacey is a mother of two pre-teens who are curious about technology and always anxious to use it.

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