Danny Rossi

After the success of their Sophomore release “Dirty Valentine”. The ONE boys felt incredibly inspired to begin working on a new album. Having spent the better part of the last 3 years touring, there was a lot of excitement about getting back into writing mode. “You spend all that time out on the road, you see so much, experience so much and have so much to say. You just gotta sit down and begin to
 put it all down on paper”, says Danny Rossi. 

“Being away from home so much makes you feel a certain way that at times is hard to put into words. It is an amazing feeling to have great fans and friends so far away from home,” says guitarist Chris Staniforth. Having had success and a good vibe recording “Dirty Valentine” ONE decided to again acquire the services of Slaves on Dope guitarist Kevin Jardine. “He did a good job on the last record. He provides a good mix of honesty and input that just works well with us,” says Staniforth.The band spent way more time preparing for the studio process than the last record. Building a small pre-production studio in the house on one of the band members, making it way easier to get work done. “We began putting stuff together and getting a feel for where we were going with this record, continues Staniforth.



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