7 9 2021- The Flaming Greek!


Chris Kydes: The Greek was born and raised in Hartford, CT. After meeting his wife, who moved to America from Africa in 1987m both took a chance and decided to living the Florida lifestyle was just what they had in mind. Chris has been selling insurance for over 30 years, but his passion lies in cooking and entertaining others. After he quickly garnered some serious attention in South Florida for his talent in culinary entertainment, he decided to create The Flaming Greek which is why he uses a flaming torch to cook his food in under 5 minutes. Chef Kydes has been cooking Mediterranean food since he was just a boy living with Greek parents. He harnesses his Mediterranean roots to cook up some incredible dishes, which arenâ??t always Greek in theory but uses the torch to capture the essence of every seasoning. Philanthropy â?? Wounded Vets â??Cooking is my passion and I get great pleasure out of seeing instant gratification on my audienceâ??s faces and I love to get the kids involved too. Itâ??s a big affair when you get me involved with the torch.â??