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Friday’s TalkRadioX / KjagRadio / FFR programming, LIVE 08/03 at 5pm eastern!

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      It’s Friday – Join the Radio Enigma, SentaiRick as he fills in for Jiggy from 5pm to 7pm LIVE on Finalfrontierradio.com and more! 3 Guests, lots of good banter, and 2 hours that just fly by , so grab your Big Mac, have a seat, and get royally entertained!
(Lineup subject to change)
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Show Guests for 7/27/2012 (Lineup subject to change!)



Sarah Ehrlich

Ms. Sarah Ehrlich personally directed the construction of a ten-room elementary (grades K-9) school for orphaned children in Kisii, Kenya. In so doing she travelled to this remote area on many occasions to ensure that work was being accomplished in a timely and cost effective manner. She has personally directed numerous renovation projects involving orphanages and schools for orphaned children. To further the aims of Help for Orphans, Ms. Ehrlich has organized and implemented extensive fundraising events and activities. These activities include but are not limited to businesses wherein Help for Orphans International receives a percentage of the proceeds. 
In addition Ms. Sarah Ehrlich has researched and selected study procedures that have proven to be effective in schools and the areas in which Help for Orphans is operating. Prior to founding Help for Orphans International, Ms. Ehrlich was active in real estate development. She is a licensed scuba diver, a student pilot and a percussionist. Ms. Ehrlich has lectured in Africa, India and the United States on educational issues. 
In familiarizing herself with world issues, Ms. Sarah Ehrlich has travelled to more that 60 countries including such diverse places as Uzbekistan, Myanmar and Peru.

Website: http://giveaflock.org  /  http://helpfororphans.org / http://sarahehrlich.com


Chris Lucas  

Chris Lucas has been a habitual letter writer since childhood. Thanks to this, he’s been able to make connections with people from all walks of life and all around the world.
His daily correspondence has also contributed to the success of his career as an actor, with a starring role in the “Grand Theft Auto” video game series, and spots on TV shows like “One Life To Live”, “As The World Turns”, “30 Rock” and “Boardwalk Empire.”
He’s also made guest appearances on NBC’s “Today Show”, ABC’s “The View”, Entertainment Tonight, ESPN Sportscenter and The CBS Early Show.
Lucas’ work has also been featured in The New York Times, USA Today, People Magazine, Soap Opera Digest and Entertainment Weekly, among other publications.
The most important letter he ever wrote was to his wife when they first met, asking her out on a date. It’s brought him great benefits ever since.

Website: http://killingkompanytwobookdeal.vip2site.com/  /  http://www.celebrityletters.net/radio/


Dr. Pericles Lantz

Dr. Pericles Lantz attended the Mt. Sinai School of Medicine where he was exposed to a great variety of patient diseases and treated patients of all socioeconomic backgrounds. After completion of Medical School Dr. Lantz attended the North Shore University Hospital training in Internal Medicine in Manhattan, New York.
Dr. Lantz was then appointed as a Clinical Instructor at the Mt. Sinai Medical Center where he attended the Mt. Sinai Masters Program for Public Health. Dr. Lantz is also a graduate of the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business and has served as Chief Operating Officer of a start-up Medical Device Company.
Because of his interest in technology Dr. Lantz started the Anti-Aging & Laser Medical Associates (AALMA) medical practice to incorporate all aspects of medical care including standard medical practice, ultra-high technology aspects of medical care, as well as the principles of Functional Medicine which incorporates the use of vitamins and herbal extracts along with pharmaceutical medicines to achieve optimal health.

Website: http://www.mybodywithin.com


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