OPIOID ANALYST/AUTHOR: Peter Rosenberger, is author of 7 Caregiver Landmines And How You Can Avoid Them AND Hope For The Caregiver: Encouraging Words To Strengthen Your Spirit.

“Politicians, pharmaceutical companies, physicians, patients, attorneys, law enforcement, and the common citizen have all weighed in on the public health emergency we know as the opioid crisis. Yet one demographic, with significant input into this issue, has received little or no mention in the discourse of chronic pain patients and opioids. That would be the 65 million and growing population of family caregivers.

Serving as a caregiver for my wife for more than 30 years, I’ve handled enough opioids that their street value easily runs into the millions. A car accident in college left her severely disabled with massive orthopedic trauma, eventually costing her both legs. The number of major surgeries she’s endured has soared to at least 78 and she’s undergone twice that number in smaller procedures such as nerve blocks, infusions, etc.

The amount of pain my wife lives with is staggering, and she’s done it since Reagan’s first administration. Managing the pain continues to be a moving target for her, as well as the physicians who’ve treated her. She is currently working with her fourth pain specialist. A few of her doctors throughout the years overshot the mark and prescribed her massive and dangerous amounts of opioids. Some of those times resulted in seizures and even respiratory arrest. For most of those frightening events, I was the only one present to assist her and call for help. No training for any of those medical incidents was covered when I majored in music decades ago.

As the president tackles America’s opioid crisis, one of the challenges will be to appropriate accessibility to patients requiring these medications but to provide better insight, guidelines, and engagement to prescribing physicians.”

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ABOUT: Targeting the vast population of America’s 65 million volunteer caregivers of vulnerable loved ones, Peter compiles his lifetime of experience to offer a lifeline to his fellow caregivers. With an unparalleled journey as his wife’s sole caregiver for three decades, Peter has navigated through a medical nightmare that has mushroomed to 78 operations, the amputation of both legs, treatment by more than 60 doctors in 12 hospitals, 7 medical insurance companies, and $9 million in medical bills. Peter brings an astonishing understanding of health care issues, a deep compassion for the heartache of caregiving, and an outrageous humor to bring the fresh air of laughter into the painful places faced by America’s exponentially growing number of caregivers.

BIO: Peter W. Rosenberger is the president of Standing With Hope, a non-profit prosthetic limb outreach founded by Peter and his wife, Gracie. He has an extensive media, speaking, and writing history where he covers such issues as chronic pain, caregiving, disability, and God’s provision in suffering. Whether in writings, live appearances, or his weekly radio show, Peter combines a well-honed sense of humor with practical tips to those buckling under the strain of caring for a loved one. He lives in Nashville, Tennessee, where he has been the primary caregiver for Gracie, a double amputee, for nearly 30 years.

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