Aaron Snyder 10/9/2015


Aaron’s book, The New Diabetes Prescription, The Diet, Exercise and Mindset Revolution, has 5

stars n the Amazon list and his information website (www.ultimateweightlossrx.com/ )is THE

comprehensive source on the subject.

Aaron Snyder, (Former) Patient, Certified Trainer, Nutritional Consultant and Author of The New

Diabetes Prescription), has successfully controlled his disease through diet, exercise, and

mindset and has become a food relationship expert.

Aaron was smart enough to get through Berkeley as a mathematician, and dumb enough to meet

his emotional needs as a binge-eating-junk-food-junkie. Having put an extra 70+ pounds onto his

5’6” frame, he graduated with honors and type II Diabetes. Aaron became a food statistic… and

a 4th generation and Diabetic!

From his first diagnosis Aaron wanted no part of the disease, the drugs or the weight, so studied

nutrition and physiology. His personal journey at learning and doing took almost five years.

While holding a full time job and raising a family, Aaron not only to got his condition under control,

but he beat the disease and now is helping others.

About the Book and the Website: A combination medical, self-help, diet, fitness and lifestyle

advice, the Book The New Diabetes Prescription , and the dynamic, interactive website

www.ultimateweightlossrx.com, provides the why and what of the changes necessary to fix your

food problem.

Knowing first hand how and why most ‘weighty people’ as well as diabetics struggle to take

control, author Aaron Snyder empathetically weaves his personal battle throughout the book,

providing a great combination of inspiration and information at: