Adam C. Hall, The EarthKeeper


Adam C. Hall, The EarthKeeper

Shows Topics Business: The rise of Conscious Capitalism. Impact Investing: Why the Quadruple bottom line will become the new normal. eMergent Leadership: What is it, and how can it be achieved? Environment, Ecology: Building the new model for a sustainable world Transforming the inner and outer world with the Conservation, Preservation, Restoration of the earth and humanity. Lifestyle, Humanity, Spirituality, Transpersonal Evolution, Karmalution, Involution Human Innovation Sustainable Action

Adam C. Hall shares his fascinating real-life story about one man’s journey from a wealth/power-hungry real estate broker/developer – an Earth Conqueror – to a compassionate preservationist – or Earth Keeper. Adam is seemingly living the American Dream with all its trappings (money, success, family), but he is miserable, facing physical ailments brought on by his stress-filled, workaholic lifestyle and a failing marriage. In order to change his life, he ultimately has to lose everything–marriage, children, business and more. Yet, he emerges a stronger and happier man in the end with a newfound understanding of his true nature and the creative power of the universe. This riches-to-rags-to-newfound-happiness story is empowering and a wonderful example in our 99% vs. 1% world. In the wake of recent economic turmoil (clashes between Wall Street and Main Street), there is a certain fascination for a story of this nature: the idea of someone who seemingly has it all – the so-called “American dream” – and throws it all away. Very few have shared their story in such an open and honest way. He takes the hero’s journey and returns having successfully resolved his problem, that just so happens to be afflicting so many of us individually and collectively. He now serves the greater well-being of all and shares the riches that are at the core of the human experience. Adam C. Hall delivers ideas, answers, perspective and options to some of the most compelling questions of our time in his new best selling book, The EarthKeeper–Undeveloping the Future, and his ideas are radical in nature. His provocative conversational style reveals a deep sense of humanity based on his transparency, knowledge, wisdom, vision and imagination–all grounded in his real world experience in business, family and faith. ”We can solve the biggest problems facing humanity by ending the separation from the “true Self” and divorcing ourselves from the addiction to wealth and power, while retaining the values that are at the root of capitalism, democracy and freedom. “Undeveloping the Future” offers a compelling alternative to a fear based, divisive dialogue about the world.” -Adam C Hall Adam will engage the audience with experiential stories and the bigger conversation that this book has generated, a global movement. Adam’s expertise includes Real Estate, Small Business, Human Innovation, Transpersonal Ecology, Environment, and Personal Un-Development. He has appeared recently on dozens of shows including Alan Colmes, Ed Tyll, Michael Gosney, Michael Beckwith…and many more!
Date Recorded: 8/22/2013

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