Adrenaline Man


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request to come on the air and give you the greatest interview guest you have ever had. With over 35 years in TV, Radio, Film, Commercials, Voice Overs, and so much more, we would love to have Andre as a guest on your show to talk about the most extreme and inspirational life on this planet. From working in the industry to being in prison selling drugs to using them and hitting bottom, from Vegas crime families, to working undercover for LAPD, to training our Military on the Arizona Mexico Border, you name it and Andre has experienced more than that. He has lived 10 lifetimes in one and has turned his life around by the Grace of God and survived many near death situations and now has an amazing autobiography coming out called “USA RELENTLESS” by Andre Alexsen. Please take a look at the links below to get to know him and get an idea of who he is. Andre is great at improv, high energy, and everyone loves to listen to his years of exciting stories, wisdom, and insight…extremely entertaining and funny as well.

My life has been an incredible adventure. “USA RELENTLESS” is my amazing real life journey from a Hollywood stuntman/ stunt coordinator but an AMERICAN PATRIOT! Hitting bottom using drugs and alcohol, being homeless on the streets, then being delivered and becoming sober only by a miracle and by the grace of God and coming back up and working with our USA Military Special Ops and Dillon Mini-gun, AZ Border Patrol, Law Enforcement, and working undercover with LAPD, training with living legends in Self Defence and Martial Arts. It also includes my many near death situations from parachute malfunctions, wild animal attacks, prison riots, to inside Vegas crime families, major auto wrecks, stunts gone wrong, beating a terminal cancer battle, working as a weapons/defense instructor, to real inside workings of Hollywood and their dirty secrets exposed; working with the biggest names from Spielberg to Ron Howard to Clint Eastwood, to preparing for modern day madness that is here, and more that is coming to America! And becoming the “Adrenaline Man”.

By the grace of God, I am still alive to tell you about my life and to encourage you that it’s never too late to become what you should have been. It’s all in this book to encourage and perhaps show you the roads you don’t want to go down, and if you’re already down them, how to get out. At this stage in my life, I may not be what I want to be, but thank God I’m not what I used to be! I’d like to thank Jesus for pulling me out of the fire, tempering me, and sharpening me like a sword, to be used for His Kingdom and Glory. Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you are right – Henry Ford.

This book is dedicated to God, Family, Country, our Military, Law Enforcement, EMTs, Firemen, Patriots, and all our Veterans past, present, and future, who fight selflessly for our freedoms and our safety (The Real Heroes). It’s also dedicated to people around the world who stay “Relentless” and persistent to helping others and their dreams. Thank you for your service and our freedoms! It’s been a wild ride and it ain’t over YET ! I am “Relentless” for God now. Born Relentless! MADE IN THE USA!

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