Age Brilliantly – Maximize your ability to lead a fulfilling 100+ year life


My unique skill-set as a psychologist, attorney, entrepreneur and professor, enables me to take both the person and the system into account. I work with individuals and companies to challenge growth-limiting ideas to develop and implement innovative solutions.

As a personality/social psychologist and policy-focused attorney, I’ve had the opportunity to engage in many areas including: the first national evaluation of handicapped children’s needs for Head Start services; teen support groups; health care issues on Capitol Hill and all sectors of the economy; presentation-focused technology and consulting companies; and IR/PR firms. Simultaneously, I teach in universities and sponsor mentoring internships to 600+ global students. Now, I devote this energy to helping mature adults unleash their potential with “Age Brilliantly”, a community platform for people who want to lead fulfilling lives to 100+.

As Chairman of CEO Advisory Boards at Vistage, I combine my first-hand experience of “doing”: founding, building and improving organizations, with my expertise in coaching, strategic consulting and teaching. I’m privileged to work with smart CEOs and business developers who want more success, want to grow and minimize wasted time by capitalizing on opportunities and avoiding costly mistakes.

Through executive coaching, we focus on how to become a more effective leader. At Vistage meetings, we challenge each other, share and collaborate to generate new ideas. The “magic” of peer advisory takes place when members hear new and different perspectives that lead to a much better solution than the member was originally considering. (See case studies.)

(Vistage Worldwide, Inc. is the leading chief executive organization that assembles and facilitates private advisory boards. Over 21,000 members are served in 16 countries.)

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