AKITI THE HUNTER the 1st African Super Hero Children’s Book


Akiti the Hunter is the first notable African Action Superhero ever captured in childrens books. This story is derived from African Folklore passed down from generations to generations. This is the first time this character has ever been presented to the world in cartoon form, to reach younger generation and present a super hero many children of color can relate to.

About the Author:
As a mother and founder of Working Moms in 20s Organizations, Denise Ajayi-Williams is the author behind “Akiti the Hunter.” With hopes of a positive impression, Ajayi-Williams believe everyone should view themselves as heroic no matter their place of origin. The goal is to bring an authentic African hero into American pop culture. Having this kind of positive African image in mainstream culture is long overdue. While cultivating so many projects, she strives to strike a solid work-life balance. She is a business owner, employee, wife, graduate MBA student, author, and writer who values and understands the importance of family. She believes in the empowerment of not only her child, but of children in her community and beyond.
Her organization’s mission is to rewrite history one page at a time, and this time become the authors of our own legacies. Ajayi-Williams open a new channel to influence viewers from around the world. For more information on Denise Mobolaji Ajayi-Williams, visit her organization website at http://www.workingmomin20s.com