Akpowene Kakpovbia



Akpowene Jude Kakpovbia has constantly applied a strategic mindset to grow organizations and

attract referrals, repeat business and customer retention that meets and exceeds customer

expectations while building strong and positive relationships with key stakeholders in various

lines of business.

With over three decades of proven actions and activities that have added value to organizations

and ultimately to prospects and clients to succeed beyond expectations. His leadership and

team building strategies have been outstanding and have earned him Leadership roles in

various Associations, Clubs, Groups and Organizations. As a problem solver, with valuable

experience and knowledge to understand others and their needs with empathy and attention

to details, he has helped enhance the growth of several businesses and their goals.

He is currently a Senior Consultant and an Expert in Leadership Strategies, Team Building, Team

Growth, Team Success and Personal Development.


The book offers an opportunity to uncover our strengths with the highest principles in

Leadership Strategies, Team Building, Personal Development, Success and Growth. It is

designed to inspire action through purpose, values, vision and develop emotional intelligence.

Showing how to excel in the management process and help organizations improve their

operating performance and financial results by helping them transform all their managers into

leaders, employees into partners, work groups into teams and their customers into advocates.

The book share a unique purpose and thought on how to motivate, excite and inspire people

and organizations to be better leaders, better followers and successful team builders that

embraces positive growth.