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Alan Blair

New Roadracing Book Spells Out Formula for Success! Author, experienced racer, and promoter, Alan Blair knows what it takes to become a champion and shares his formula for success in this unique book. Titusville, FL, August 8, 2013 – In the competitive sport of Motorcycle Roadracing, it takes a comprehensive and very technical approach by racers and their teams to build a championship winning effort. The racer himself must understand every aspect of perfection to put together a winning program, something that author Alan Blair is very familiar with. With over 30 years of racing experience Alan’s spent a lot of time analyzing his and others racing efforts to develop his comprehensive formula for success. In this comprehensive book entitled “Race to Win! The Missing Pieces”, racers will find all the information they need to organize, measure, and improve their race program. This dynamic book includes in-depth information on racer fitness, health, and diet, as well as how to train for needed strength, train for conditioning and weight loss, plan for eating right leading up to a race, and even what to eat and drink on a race weekend. Additionally, author, Alan Blair provides forms on his web site that racers can download and print for tracking training efforts, diet, organization, and improvement of all aspects of a racing program at the track, at home, and in the shop. But the “Race to Win!” author didn’t stop there. For beginner and novice racers, the author provides all the information needed to understand what to expect as a new racer, how to save money and share expenses, and how to create relationships with other racers and the race club. Additionally, the author, who has an extensive technical career background, shares concepts for finding and keeping sponsors that include cheap and easy ways to build a web site and web presence on a budget, what web and social media content should include, and what aspects of sponsor relationships are most important. If a racer isn’t sure how to choose the right race bike, or how to get the riding experience needed for success, they’ll find it all in “Race to Win!” Having spent over 2 years compiling this complete and informative book on racing and riding, the author of “Race to Win!” truly has released a great book on the missing pieces for success in racing. As one of the most experienced in racing, Alan is a former race club owner and promoter who brings added perspective that other race book authors can’t provide. This book is a must-read book for professionals and beginners alike; just ask AMA Superbike Champion Josh Hayes, one of many “Race to Win!” readers who are successful! Learn more at, an

About the Author As a youngster, Alan began riding motorcycles almost as early on as a bicycle, and went on to participate in such off-road racing venues as Motocross, Enduros, and Hare Scrambles throughout his youth. In his high school years when most of his friends drove cars, Alan preferred to ride a motorcycle to school. As an adult, Alan joined in the Motorcycle Roadracing ranks and became a Winning Racer, participating as a racer well into his forties. To support the physical aspects of racing, Alan became a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist, and became an executive for a well-known nutrition company, playing major roles in numerous areas that led company success. Eventually, Alan became a successful Motorcycle Roadracing Club Owner and Promoter. Through his experiences as a Race Club Owner, he became uniquely qualified as an expert in the field of racing, having hired for and become acutely familiar with every position of a race club staff. In three short years Alan brought his club to success and received accolades from his peers for founding a race club built on safety and racer collaboration. He literally raised the bar on safety in American Roadracing. Additionally, Alan often worked as a Race Official for other racing organizations around America. Throughout his racing career, Alan has owned race teams, built motorcycles and cars, and coordinated the readiness of race teams in many different race environments. As a racer, and as a PR and Marketing Director in NHRA Top Fuel Drag Racing, Alan constructed race sponsorship packages that have been called “The Best in Racing.” Over the past thirty years, Alan has hosted hundreds of motorcycle, car, and boat races in both regional and national capacities, and has been known throughout the industry as “The Mouth of the South” for his smooth and articulate voice that brings enhanced excitement to every race event he hosts. Alan truly understands the elements of professional race hosting, having brought millions of race fans to their feet during race events across the country over the past three decades. He’s worked in radio and television as a Voice Over Artist and On-Air Personality, hosting commercials for many companies that include Labrada Nutrition, CNN, Coca Cola, and Shell Oil. While in radio he has scripted, edited and produced numerous commercials, and has supported numerous charity organizations through charity fund raising as a host and auctioneer. Alan has built his professional life around the excitement of motorcycling and racing, and his personal life on the friendships he’s amassed on this immense and lengthy journey. When visiting the race track, he describes his experiences as “Family Reunions”. Alan is originally from Houston, Texas, but currently reside in Central Florida where he continues to work with his team of businessmen to launch Project Safety, the world’s first and most high tech proactive personal safety system. Alan continues to pursue my love of motorcycling and racing as a rider, a fan, an author, and an experienced industry professional.
Date Recorded: 9/20/2013

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