Ana Webber


Ana Webber

“The Money Flow” explores our feelings about money, how most people allow money to enslave them either by craving it or fearing it, and how it’s possible instead to make money a friend and ally: a partner in achieving your life goals and your goals for the world that does not control you, but aids you. “The Money Flow” is furnishing you simple, friendly and effective tools how to create and design your own life success; enjoy the process and live a life filled with quality, freedom and contentment. Just remember that money does not have in its nature to make you happy. “The Money Flow” is furnishing you with tremendous benefits you can introduce and apply into your own life. You can clearly express who and how you are as an authentic and genuine person, original and unique, with a mark to make in the world.?Instead of resenting the “No” in your life, see it as a starting point that you can befriend and embrace.?”No” also means that nothing is impossible: this simple shift of attitude could change the course of your life and the lives of your loved ones.?The key s accepting that the life you have is the life that fits you; It is designed to make you grow and be the best you can. Understand that change is constant and change is guaranteed; express less doubts and a deeper welcome.?Don’t beat yourself up over perception and actions you took in the past; if they seemed right and proper at the time, then you made the best choice you could have; do not judge them or reject them; let them go; even if you might make a different choice now.?Plan and set goals for the future, but be in the NOW and take action in the NOW.?If you feel depressed, neglected, or rejected; validate how you feel but remember that tomorrow is a fresh and clean new start. There are no two days alike!!!?At the end of the day, it’s all about happiness; the richness of our experiences, the people we touched, loved and impacted throughout our struggles give us wealth far beyond money. Date Recorded: 8/9/2013

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