Andrew Gray


The Libertarian Party of Kansas (LPKS) was founded in 1971 and has had full ballot access in Kansas since 1992. Since 2009 we have been the fastest growing political party in Kansas. Our party’s commitment to Liberty makes it popular with voters who have previously identified as both ‘left’ and ‘right’.

While the LPKS is an affiliate of the national Libertarian Party, we focus on state and local issues. Our party principles hold that all solutions are best when found on the most local possible level; as such we look to the national Libertarian Party only to address issues not feasibly addressed at a more local level.

The Libertarian Party of Kansas (LPKS) is dedicated to the advancement of maximized individual liberties and local control, while limiting government expansion. Our goal is to elect liberty-minded individuals who are committed to advancing a free-market economy, civil liberties, local control, and personal responsibility for our actions.

We need your help to return our state government to being “for the people” and to give a voice to the good, honest, and creative people of Kansas. Help us by changing your voter registration to Libertarian today & voting for Libertarian candidates who share your principles and values.

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