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will be establishing my podcast show and I would like to conduct guest interviews. I would be very elated and flattered to have you as a guest on this podcast and I would ask you to e-mail me as to your availability. The method of your appearance is quite simple, essentially a conference call. I would be very happy to interview you and hear your views and opinions since the general public will be hearing this show extensively.

I do want to indicate that I am a person who is open to various views, thoughts, and ideas. I always welcome an interchange and I welcome your positions. Although, the interview could well focus on your wonderful work as a Senator. I hope to hear from you soon. Whatever your decision in this matter, I will continue to give you the respect you deserve.

If you wish to know more about me, please feel free to consult my website, .


Andrew J. Schatkin
Educational and Business Consultant, Writer, Speaker, and Teacher

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