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Intro: Historians may someday look back at our current era and ask themselves,
how on earth did these Democrat leaders manage to hijack the traditional
Democratic Party? And upon what basis did they have even a shred of moral high
ground for the sham Mueller lynching attempt and now the bogus impeachment
Joining us to discuss this topic is author/historian Andrew Schatkin with his
1. As an attorney and writer on political, religious and historical topics, upon
what moral basis could the Democrats have to push for an impeachment to
reverse the mandate of the people who elected him President?
2. Was the Mueller probe legitimate in your studied opinion?
3. Do you support the policies of president trump and why?
4. You have written on morality and have some conclusions on truth and
morality. Tell us about those findings?
5. Being from New York, you probably have an opinion of other New Yorkers
considering a 2020 Presidential run including former mayor Michael
Bloomberg and former New York Senator Hillary Clinton. What’s likely to
happen in any potential 11 th hour candidacy and who might that end?
6. Where may we get a copy of your books and other writings?

Andrew J. Juris Doctorate (JD) degree and has written two legal treatises, Select Legal Topics,
650-page legal treatise, and Select Legal Topics Vol. 2. In addition, Andrew J. Schatkin has
written many law review articles including a 90-page law review article in the Syracuse law
review on criminal procedure.
He has also written a number of religious/philosophical/historical books including essays that
have been widely sold to both National and International university libraries including Harvard
University, Yale University, the University of Pennsylvania, the American University in Cairo,
universities in Switzerland, Germany, Qatar, and universities in Mexico, Canada, and South

Andrew J. Schatkin has a JD degree from the Villanova University Law School; and M.DIV
degree in Biblical and Classical languages (Greek, Latin, and Hebrew) from Princeton
Theological Seminary as well as 2 international law certificates from The Hague in the
Netherlands, and Strasbourg, France. Andrew J. Schatkin is the recipient of many awards
including approval for a Fulbright award; is listed in several Who's Who and is listed as an
international authority by the library of congress.