“Are Class Reunions still Popular?, Even when people are connected by Facebook”?


Despite social media connections to former classmates, seventy-percent say reunions are still relevant

Radio Interviews Available with:
Lauren Busley, Family and Education Event Communications for Eventbrite
Wed June 17th

Class reunions have the power to stir up a lot of feelings; it’s a milestone occasion and an opportunity to reminisce about special moments, shared experiences, and bad fashion choices. On June 10th and 11th, David Glasgow of Eventbrite will discuss the findings from a new study which explores the motivation behind attending high school reunions.
While social media allows for easy online connection, Eventbrite sees consistent demand for offline reunions of all kinds, with events in this category growing 34% year-over year. The study polled more than 2,400 people who attended a class reunion ticketed on the self-service platform over the past year and reveals new insights around why people attend these milestone events and how social media plays an integral role.