Artist: Pac Millie


1M plays on Sound cloud –

Artist: Pac Millie
Song: Bend Over
Label: Ingrooves
State: Mississippi

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Pac Millie Radio Interview w/ Dj Nasty Sho 97.7 (Full Audio Interview)

With over 1M plays on Soundcloud, it seems like just about everyone on Twitter and Vine is talking about Pac Millie and his new single, “Bend Over.” And for good reason—the kid has talent. There’s not a lot out about Pac Millie but he might just have a hit on his hands with this new track, which features quick whitty rhymes, a little bit of rapping, and a whole lot of swag over the Drumlord production. “Shining Like The Diamonds In My Bezzle” Pac Millie raps on his new single titled “Bend Over,” which is a pretty good summary of his entire demeanor, Pac Millie transforms into the rap hillbillie, as he mixes in punchline after punchline about partying with women, doing drugs, and living the rap lifestyle. The hook alone is a smash, as Pac Millie chants this catchy phrase, “Barely Any Clothes, Can you Drop It, You Look Too Good, Girl Stop It, Let Me Hollar At Ya, Lean Closer, I’ll Tip You If You Bend Over.”
With 52k followers on Twitter, and 6100 on Instagram, The Hattiesburg, Mississippi Bread Rapper “Pac Millie” is semi-internet famous, but that doesn’t change the fact that “Bend Over” might be the most catchiest song from the south released in 2015. For more information on Pac Millie you can reach him at –

Twitter @pacmillie