As Homelessness Ravaged Our Cities, One Man Lived Among the Destitute, To Raise Awareness and Hope, Hear His Story, Reset Your Thinking


“On the streets, I found that I wasn’t just wrong in various ways about broken people, I was wrong in layers.”

Incarnate: Jesus Among the Broken


Rev. Rick Cole

PUBLIUS GUEST AUTHOR: Rev. Rick Cole, is Senior Pastor at the Capital Christian Center in Sacramento, and author of the book, Incarnate: Jesus Among the Broken.

“On the streets, I found that I wasn’t just wrong in various ways about broken people, I was wrong in layers.” In 2014, the leader of a Northern California megachurch lived on the streets of Sacramento for two weeks to raise money for a homeless program. It changed his life forever. Now, in the tail-spinning latter half of a global pandemic, Rev. Rick Cole of Capital Christian Center recounts the humbling experience and opens up about his own growth and his hopes for the Church. Touching on everything from homelessness, to race relations, to embracing a broken community, Cole is always self-aware, straightforward, and unambiguous. He may at times be stating the obvious, but he also knows that too many of us, especially now, need to hear it.

PLUG BOOK: Incarnate: Jesus Among the Broken

BIO: Do what is right, not what is easy. If anybody has taken this message to heart, it’s Rick Cole. Over his 25 years as Senior Pastor at Capital Christian Center in Sacramento, Rev. Rick Cole has been an active ally for social justice, taking a hands-on approach to issues of racial reconciliation and homelessness in his community as well as serving countries all around the world by leading teams through global mission work. Cole pastors a congregation of over 3,000 members and leads a staff of 14 pastors in addition to 180 church and school employees. He is the co-author of two other books, Souldesign: A Roadmap for Personal Growth and Souldesign: Living A Life of Love. Rev. Rick Cole lives in California with his wife Cathy. They have three children and five beautiful grandchildren.