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Mary Mann, author of “There Are No Enemies”–call her at she wishes to outlaw the word, “enemy,”
to make this a better world, to bring people together, to better communicate with
everyone, to truly make world peace possible…ask her questions below

(Mary Mann has been a guest on your show several times…she grew up in Australia and
came to the U,S. in 1966 and attended colleges in Calif, obtaining her Ph.D. in 1982…she
is an acclaimed playwright in addition to being a best-selling author with her book, “There
Are No Enemies,” a practical philosophy of life…now she wants to turn things around with
the word “enemy”…let’s hear why…ask her about the World Peace Prayer Society–what is
it all about?)

You wrote a book There Are No Enemies

How can you say that?

You are very interested in the English language and the meaning of words?

We have to distinguish between words that are used in civil discourse and emotional words

Tell us what you have found out about the word ENEMY?

Different meanings for different people

Why is it important to make a distinction between Civil Discourse and how is it different from ordinary language.?

Words used in civil discourse have to mean the same for everyone. Emotional words are just expressions of feelings that are very personal.

You wrote a post on a website where you said it is time to BAN the word ENEMY from Civil Discourse.

In civil discourse language has to be rational – it has to be scientific.

Why is it important to understand this?

Most conflicts leading to the perception of enemy end in wars and destruction of the planet