Author Mitchell Thompson on world history and religions


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Author Pens Curious Book Connecting The Timeless Thread Of The Interconnectivity Of The World’s
Religions And Their Place In History; He Maintains These “Intimate Connections” Brilliantly
Illustrate Certain Commonalities In Both Ethics And Ideology That Cannot Be Ignored

Los Angeles, CA – – Author Mitchell G. Thompson explains, “’Introspective Rationale: The Odyssey of
Theodicy’ is a nonfiction historical narrative, placed in the special genre of general history and
philosophy. This book attempts to journey the reader on a quest in understanding the deeper connection
between major worldly religions and their historical context. These intimate connections, once revealed,
display certain commonalities in both ethics and ideology. Such ideological parallels can be further
understood in their application within modern science and mathematics – namely quantum mechanics. For
example, there exists many numerological significances in ancient scripture; numbers of meaning which
translate within modern fields of scientific study. One must first understand the history of both religion
and science before gaining a deeper insight on their dualistic partnership.”



When asked what he wants his readers to understand from his new book, Mr. Thompson replied: “I
want my readers to understand the simplistic, within an otherwise complex, relationship between the
religious experience and the discoveries of modern science. By understanding the historical context
for many religious scriptures, the audience will leave with a better understanding of their own
religious foundation.”
About the Author: Mitchell G. Thompson was born in Hemet, California and raised in Kansas City,
Missouri. He was educated in the North Kansas City School district and was a scholarship student at
William Jewell College in Liberty, MO. This is his first book. The author says his work was
influenced by writers such as Aldous Huxley and Friedrich Nietzsche very early on. “Their influence
on my work is 10-fold, namely for their many layers of meaning within their writing,” said Mr.
Thompson. Speaking about his journey to become an author, Mr. Thompson commented: “For over
two years, I sat in near isolation and solitude in order to accumulate the knowledge and wisdom
required for writing my book.  In doing so, I engaged in many disciplinary practices, such as fasting
and indulging in asceticism. The practice of asceticism is met with the shaving of the head and giving
up ‘worldly material pleasures.’ Though I am no Hare Krishna, I believe it is up to the individual to
gain enlightenment in any way they deem best; mine taking form in self-induced isolation. These days
of loneliness were by far the greatest challenge I had experienced.” He makes his home in Missouri.

Introspective Rationale: The Odyssey of Theodicy