Author Sherry Meeks 1/13/2016


Tambri suffers the death of her young son, Sammy, and the disintegration of her marriage to her high school sweetheart, Daniel. Although she retains her kind nature and sense of humor, Tambri struggles with loss, guilt, and not being good enough for this world. She discovers one wrong man after another. Her only condition is that each man doesn’t have children. Vickie, Tambri’s best friend since childhood, makes it her job to help Tambri feel better, and she makes sure that Tambri doesn’t sleep through the day. Vickie attempts to set Tambri up with a nice guy at a party, but Tambri refuses. Tambri seeks out a man who isn’t nice, and kids are the furthest things from this guy’s mind. It’s at this party that she discovers what she must do. Tambri’s late grandmother influences Tambri. At the age of eight, Tambri looks on as her grandmother “reads” Tambri’s future with a deck of playing cards. The reading foreshadows the many men who will occupy Tambri’s life. Follow Tambri on her journey to discover who she is.