Ayatollahs and Iran’s Separatist Movements


Ayatollahs and Iran’s Separatist Movements

America’s current tragedy is the fact they had elected the most incompetent president in its history, surpassing even Carter.

The catastrophic debacle in Afghanistan could have been prevented had Biden stuck to Trump’s conditional leaving Afghanistan only if the Taliban came to a peace agreement.

For as long as Trump was president, the Taliban were on the defensive everywhere. They became emboldened only when Biden took over and vacated the most important military base of Bagram like a thief in the middle of the night, without having the decency of forewarning the Afghanis, thus leaving it to be looted.

I shall repeat my condemnation of the Western leaders in the USA and Europe for as long as I am able to write, because they are the ones who are guilty for their total failures when dealing with Islam and Muslims, because they have not learned anything from 1386 years of Islamic aggression and Imperialism.

This is exactly why Western leaders (Politicians, Military, Intelligence, Academics, Media and Clergy) have failed to resolve political and or sectarian issues in Lebanon, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Arab-Israeli conflict and others in Asia and Africa.

They have not yet grasped the simplest of all issues; the subject of Allah’s Sharia based on Muhammad’s Quran and Sunna (traditions about Muhammad in the Hadith) that prohibits every Muslim from ever making true and lasting peace with Kuffar/ Infidels, because they (Sharia compliant Muslims) must forever be at war (Jihad) against none Muslims until, they either Submit to Sharia or be Exterminated.

How many Americans know that perhaps 1.5 million Europeans and Americans (Christians) were enslaved by Islamic North Africa between 1530 and 1780?

Why have recent American leaders not learned an iota from the fact that the American Republic of 1776 suffered for 25 years the piracy of the Barbary states, that held the new Republic hostage if they did not pay exorbitant bribes to the Muslims?

 All this was changed in 1801 when the piratical Muslim states (currently Algeria, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia) declared war against the Republic, thus allowing President Jefferson to use the fledgling American navy to put an end to all of them.

Had American leaders learned, even from the last 200 years of history, they would not have made such enormous errors.

The only and simplest way I can explain this fact is by stating with no holds barred and dare any reader to prove me wrong:

No Islamic entity can ever keep any peace agreement with kuffar/ infidels, for the long term. They will always break it, the instant they have the power to do so.

The protests that had taken place this summer in Iran are of two kinds. First and most dangerous, are those by ethnic groups who make up about 50% of the population, who are demanding separation or autonomy.

The second group, are disenchanted every day Iranians, who are suffering privations; financial, medical, lack of enough water and work as well as daily cuts in electricity and collapsing infrastructure, while billions of dollars are spent supporting terrorist proxies in Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Gaza and others.

While Afghanistan will most assuredly be ruled by the Taliban who are actually the most perfect Fundamentalist Sharia compliant Muslims, turning it back to Muhammad’s 7th century dysfunctional Arabia, Biden and his utterly incompetent administration are also wasting the best opportunity in dealing with the shaky terrorist Ayatollah’s regime.

First and foremost, as Sharia compliant Muslims, no agreement made with non Muslims (kuffar/infidels) will ever be honoured as they have been demonstrating since 1979.

Second, no politician on Earth can point to a single advantage to the USA discussing Iran’s nuclear, military and political ambitions that in any way shape or form would change their terrorist character or benefit the USA.

The only way to resolve the Ayatollahs’ issue without war, is to overthrow the terrorist regime by supporting all the separatist movements that have recently publicly demonstrated against them.

Just as they are willing to spread terror all over the globe through proxy entities, the West can retaliate in exactly the same way.

Not a single news media, politician or ‘expert’ on the Middle East has brought to the attention of Americans the following facts.

The Iranian state is made up of several different ethnic groups 50% of 85,000,000 are not Persian.

Persians 46,000,000; Azeris 13,000,000; Kurds 8,500,000; Baloch 1,700,000; Arabs 1,700,000. (these figures may be underestimated since true censuses have not been taken).

The four ethnic groups above are the most relevant to my article since they are the ones who are suppressed by the Persians and are in  simmering magma awaiting a volcanic explosion.

Although the Arabs are small in number in totality, they are very dominant in the south east in Ahwaz where most of the oil and gas riches of Iran are located. Although most of the riches of Iran are from their territory, the Ayatollahs not only ignore their needs, they added insult to injury by deliberately diverting most of the waters of the rivers of Ahwaz to the Persian areas in the north where the drought has been destroying their agriculture because of their ineptitude.

By depriving so much water from the Arab area, the population has suffered not only lack of good drinking water but the death of a lot of their domestic animals because of thirst. The Arab grievances are extremely serious and their recent demonstrations demanded the overthrow of the regime.

To help destabilise the regime, Israelis and Sunni Arabs from Saudi Arabia and the Emirates can train and arm them with the latest weapons such as killer drones as well as supply them with intelligence. This proxy war (that the Ayatollahs have been using for decades against all others) would be the cheapest and deadliest way to help overthrow the regime in the fastest time possible.

The most dangerous ethnic group is that of the Azeris who live in north west Iran at the border of the Republic of Azerbaijan (10,000,000); therefore, there are more Azeris in Iran than in their ethnic republic. Their intention after all, is not a separate state from Iran but a complete integration with Azerbaijan, thus cutting a significant part from Iran’s land mass. They too can be easily trained and armed with deadly weapons for a successful insurrection.

The Baloch are spread between Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan and India. They are Sunnis who are persecuted by the Shia Iranians.

Once again, they can be helped by their co-religionists in the neighbouring states, especially Pakistan.

The last group are the Kurds who have been suppressed not only by Iran but also by Turkey. They are the only ethnic group in the world that does not have a state for its people of 40,000,000 scattered between Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Syria.

Azeris, Kurds, Arabs and Balochis – who for decades have been conducting their own disconnected but failed campaigns for greater rights – have more recently come to realise that collaborating with each other and coordinating a simultaneous uprising, the Iranian army would have a very hard time suppressing millions of four distinct separatist groups without extreme repercussion from their ethnic brothers and sisters literally on the borders of Iran.

To overturn such an uprising will require a blood bath that most other nations, not only would condemn, but the neighbouring ones may get militarily involved in the conflict.

The regime under these circumstances will be, in a No Win condition, and will collapse.

Tragically, there is not an iota of sagacity in Biden’s administration, but a plethora of despicable ‘woke’ decision makers and the eternal blame Trump Syndrome to excuse each and every catastrophic failure made by Biden; no matter how many times he pretends to be presidential telling Americans “The Buck stops with me” while denying his complicity in each of them.