Balance or Burnout? Fatigue in the Workplace


Kip Marlow can discuss this topic by answering the following questions:

* How can you properly manage worker fatigue?

* How do you differentiate between balance or burnout?

* Can improper management really be fatal?

* What are the pros and cons of taking a risk?

* Why are some afraid to take calculated risk in order to be successful?

* What does The Risk Takers® teach us about taking risks and how can we learn from these well-known entrepreneurs?

Meet Kip Marlow:

* Founder and President of Marlow Surgical Technologies

* AI and Automation Expert

* Successful Entrepreneur

* Small Business Teacher and Advisor

* Host of Entrepreneur Club Radio

* Named by Small Business Trends as the 2013 top 100 Small Business Influencers in the United States