Bart Smyth


Bart Smyth

Bart Smyth- Bio A MODERN DAY SHAMAN Bart Smyth is a multi faceted trainer. With 25 years experience in healing arts getting certifications in many physical and Energetic practices on his journey of self healing and professional pursuits. Bart began his journey healing his body mind and spirit in San Francisco where he joined forces with his best friend, James Winks an Architect and created an Architectural design/contracting business. He was a carpenter with experience building everything from Solar earth shelters in Santa Fe, New Mexico to custom homes in the Red Woods of Northern California. After a debilitating car accident and failed western medical therapies Bart began his search for solid results getting his life back on track. He had lost his way having taken the medications the Doctors prescribed in a combination that was addictive and damaging to his spirit, mind and body. Bart’s journey to wellness has taken him to the deepest parts of the Amazon, Taoist temples and their caves in China and many western Shamans/Psychotherapists to heal and train. He trained with, promoted and facilitated many masters in many disciplines. Combining his studies and multiple disciplines, Bart now leads an Akademi in Jarbo Sweden delivering not only Tai Chi Chuan, which Bart is a Grand Master, but teaches the Yuen Method and more. He is the Master Practitioner in the Yuen Method and brought Dr Yuens work to the European continent in 1995 teaching hundreds of therapist and working with over 25,000 clients. In recent years Bart has gone through an upgrade through healing his own life at a much deeper level and the results are that his clients are experiencing breakthroughs and upgrades that medical Drs. have called miraculous. Bart sees the results as the way it is, how we are made to function, unlimited! He is also a musician, an author, public speaker and avid student of many arts.
Date Recorded: 10/24/2013
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