Ben Barrack


Ben Barrack

There’s a reason I chose the tagline, “Let’s Talk About Something Important” for my program. Just watch any network or cable news channel for one hour and you’ll see why. They all seem to revel in the inconsequential and the innocuous. Then spend an hour listening to one of my programs. Upon doing so, you’ll want a “Barrack-aid” number. A “Barrack-aid” is someone who wants to “aid” in getting the truth out by circumventing the mainstream media. Due to the power the MSM has, that has to be done by “barracking”. If you want to get a “Barrack-aid” number, all you have to do is ask via email or by calling into the show. Just remember though that the earlier you get your number, the lower it will be, and the lower your number, the higher your Barrack-aid rank. “Barrack” isn’t just my last name. It’s also a verb that means, “to urge and encourage, especially by shouting”. While I am occasionally prone to some righteous admonition with a raised voice and, at times, extended rants in the face of injustices that should anger everyone, actual shouting is kept to a relative minimum (sort of) and humor is always right around the corner.
Date Recorded: 3/28/2013

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