Biden G7 & the China Conundrum


In two recent articles – that America Out Loud kindly published – “Rise of the Chinese Colossus” and “America’s Death by Lyngchi”, I addressed all the relevant reasons why China is winning the Economic, Political and Military arenas and what should be done to sensibly and effectively counter her.

I was able to do so, without the billions of dollars to back me up with intelligence reports or ‘expert’ advisors, but based purely on knowledge and comprehension of all the relevant issues, that all readers have access to, if they wanted to do the necessary research.

The ‘formidable’ leaders of the G7 failed miserably and totally to address this issue in any meaningful way beyond wasteful platitudes about ‘human rights’.

Therefore, excluding Biden’s mental lapses and gaffes, the G7 leaders had a good time amongst themselves at enormous taxpayers’ expenses and returned home, not only empty handed, but empty minded for completely ignoring all the following items that they should have addressed but did not:

1. They spoke about China’s human rights abuses, but were too spineless to do or state anything concrete about them.

2. They were as cowardly and incompetent as during Obama’s eight years when he allowed the Chinese, to occupy a few territoriality contested atolls in the Pacific and turn them into strategic Chinese maritime and military assets.

3. They attacked Russia’s Putin because he took back control of the Crimea that was always part of mother Russia (and the best place for the Soviet or Russian navies in the Black Sea), until Nikita Khrushchev (Ukrainian) in 1954, decided to give it to Ukraine, never imagining the possibility of the collapse of the Soviet Union; but they never addressed China’s military, political and ethnic occupation of Tibet for the last 71 years; of suppressing the freedoms in Hong Kong and of the Chinese threats to Taiwan.

4. They talked a great deal about eliminating Global warming and saving planet Earth, while ignoring the fact that China contributes 27% of global pollution which is much greater than the combined pollutants from all G7 members.

5. The only way to confront the Chinese colossus is by combining the populations, economic and military powers of the USA, Europe, Russia, India and other small states in fear of China, who may want to join. No other possibility exists.

6. The most pathetic and dangerous result of Biden’s meeting with Putin, was Biden’s list of 16 infrastructure items that he forbade the Russians from hacking, thus simultaneously revealing what America considers most strategically important, while at the same time, allowing Russians (and all other enemies) to hack every other target not listed; without repercussions.

7. While Biden cancelled the Keystone [XL] Pipeline – thus making America once more energy dependent and vulnerable to outside pressures – he did not hesitate a second, allowing Russia the ability to have Nord Stream 2 to provide cheap gas and oil to Germany, making her totally energy dependent on Russia.

These are the same shameless and clueless ‘leaders’ (Americans and Europeans), who will prove to be criminally negligent for continuing ‘negotiations’ with the foremost terrorist regime on Earth – the Ayatollahs of Iran – while they are fully aware, that the Iranian presidential elections are as democratic as China’s government.

They were also cognisant, that the new president, Ayatollah Ebrahim Raisi, was actually put in place by the fiat of one person in all of Iran; their supreme theocratic dictator, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who hand picked him because he is among the most loyal to the regime and as a ‘judge’, sentenced thousands to death. After all, a terrorist regime must have a leader with a terrorist mentality.

Since Raisi wears a black turban, this identifies him in the Shia tradition, as a descendant of their mentor, the leader of the first Organized Crime Syndicate in history, the child rapist, mass murderer and terrorist, Muhammad.

Therefore, all members of the G7, will be guilty of allowing Iran to go nuclear (no matter how they try to sugar coat it), thus making it a certainty, that Israel will go it alone, for its own survival, by taking preemptive action, before Iran is able to fulfill its publicly declared and repeated assertion – for the last 42 years – that they intend to eradicate Israel off the face of the globe.