Biden’s Misguided ‘Palestinian’ Obsession


Biden’s Misguided ‘Palestinian’ Obsession

It is beyond comprehension why Biden and the Democrats are obsessed with the mythical Palestinians. After all, no human being can find anywhere in the last 6000 years of recorded history of the Middle East – let alone the Holy Land – any mention of a state called Palestine and its people Palestinians. Nor can anyone name a single king of this alleged entity.

 Yet, Biden, his administration and the European Union, behave as if such a people ever existed. They had poured billions of dollars supporting the terrorist, undemocratic regimes of Hamas in Gaza and the Palestine Authority in the West Bank knowing full well, that most of this American Taxpayers’ money will either be stolen by their absolutely corrupt leaders or, used for terrorist purposes such as attack tunnels and missiles based in residential areas to shoot at Israeli civilian targets.

All of the above states are therefore complicit in aiding and abetting these enemies, not only of Israel, but also of every Christian country on Earth; for no advantage to any of them, but obviously only to spite Israelis. Is there any logic in their efforts? If any reader can tell us, please elucidate, because I cannot find any, so far.

Biden has a full hand of catastrophes to deal with on his watch: the cataclysmic and avoidable debacle in Afghanistan; The Delta variant of Covid 19; rising Inflation; bottoming job losses; increasing fuel prices and last, but not least, faltering talks with the Ayatollahs, yet with total disregard to facts and reality he intends to pick up a serious fight with Israel regarding his unwavering but insane obsession to put an American consulate in Jerusalem for the ‘Palestinians’.

Why should there be a separate American consulate in Jerusalem while there is a functioning American embassy already there that all parties can use?

There is absolutely no administrative reason why the ‘Palestinians’ cannot use the current American embassy in Jerusalem to conduct their affairs since the Israelis are not hindering their access. Therefore, Biden’s move is entirely political without an iota of advantage to the USA.

Why cannot he put such a consulate in Ramallah instead and more realistically, since this is exactly where the PA is based, unless his intention is to undermine Israel’s claim for an undivided Jerusalem or to spite Trump’s stellar achievements in the Middle East?

What have the so-called ‘Palestinians’ contributed to peace – or anything else for that matter – in the Middle East in the last 73 years beyond hijackings and terror? What good rational reasons do Biden and his stooges have to preoccupy over them?

Such a move will encourage the so-called ‘Palestinians’ to obfuscate any and all progress to a peaceful resolution of the conflict as they have been doing since 1948.

Because of Biden’s tragic betrayal of Afghanistan, Israeli leaders are not confident that Biden’s intentions are good for either America, Israel or the Middle East.

His State Department – as dysfunctional and treasonous as it has proven itself in Afghanistan – must know, that 72% of Israelis will not agree to such a consulate and since this requires the permission and approval of the Israeli government, one or more factions will refuse, then the current coalition will fall apart and new elections will have to be held and under the current mood in Israel, Bibi Netanyahu will almost certainly be re-elected.

Both Israel’s foreign minister Yair Lapid and prime minister Naftali Bennett have made it absolutely clear their opposition and that of the majority of Israelis to such a move; yet with Biden’s consistent obstinacy and utter disregard for the obvious, is still determined to go ahead, thus forcing the fall of the current government.

How can the fall of this centrist government be advantageous to American interests in the Middle East?

Considering the reality, that so far, Biden does not act in a rational way, it explains why the Biden Administration, although it does not want the Bennett-Lapid government to fall, yet is still willing to have another foreign policy battle on its hands.

With his popularity tanking almost on a daily basis, Biden should avoid such an unnecessary and preventable battle; but unfortunately, his track record on foreign policies and affairs for the last 47 years has been abysmal and most probably he cannot change it.

While Biden is focused on this utterly unimportant distraction, the Ayatollahs are enriching Uranium to higher levels in very short times that is alarming Israelis who cannot anymore trust Biden’s recent assurance to Israel’s President Rivlin “What I can say to you is that Iran will never get a nuclear weapon on my watch” when America’s allies, her citizens and the military forces in Afghanistan were summarily betrayed on Biden’s watch, only a few days ago while Biden declaring such a cataclysm “Extraordinary success”.

With America degrading its footprint in the Middle East, Israel is becoming the only power attempting to stop or even reverse the tide of Muslim terror in the area. Israel is now more trusted and depended upon by many Arab and Muslim countries than ever before; sharing their intelligence and military assistance.

Saudi Arabia – among many other states in the region – is extremely vulnerable to missile and drone attacks from the proxy Iran terrorist Shia Houthis from Yemen against their oil, civilian and military assets. She therefore needs Israeli air and missile defence technologies that the USA cannot or may not provide.

It is therefore not impossible, because of survival necessities, that Saudi Arabia may make public peace with Israel. If this happens, dozens of other Muslim states who need Israel’s spectacular advances in technology, to follow suit, thus instantly changing the course of history in the area, relegating the ungrateful, obstructionist and treacherous ‘Palestinians’ and their case to the dustbin of history.