Biden’s Reckless Agenda Is Harming Americans


Biden’s Reckless Agenda Is Harming Americans

Interview Introduction:   Blake Harbin (Congressional Candidate for Georgia’s 6th District)


Earlier this week, Joe Biden attempted to prop up his economic agenda by claiming he would “lower” prices and increase competition. This comes amid rampant inflation, stagnating problems with supply chains, causes Americans to suffer. Unfortunately, Biden seems to have no comprehensive plan to address these issues and believes the fix to his problems is passing parts of his Build Back Better spending bill.


The Federal Reserve is meeting this week, and all indications are that it will hike interest rates multiple times this year. This is a direct result of Biden’s reckless actions on the economy. Americans will now feel even more pain. Consumers will have less buying power. Businesses will pay more to borrow and pass those costs to consumers. Oil and natural gas will continue to cost more. It is a cascading adverse effect that will impact all Americans.


Questions and Answers:

  1. Why does Joe Biden keep claiming that his Build Back Better spending bill will help Americans? Biden believes that his spending plan will pay for itself over time. He thinks the services offered by some of the provisions will be beneficial to Americans, but they are costing Americans in the end.
  2. Will Biden’s Build Back Better bill cost you more money? Absolutely. This is not my opinion. It is a fact. The Congressional Budget Office says it will cost American’s billions of dollars because Biden is not cutting or balancing any aspect of his plan.
  3. Why is Biden still pressing to pass his bill when Congress defeated it? The Build Back Better bill is Biden’s signature domestic policy initiative. With consistently falling poll numbers, he has to pass something substantive. Currently, 76% of Americans believe Biden is leading the country in the wrong direction.
  4. Biden keeps promoting more competition, but why isn’t he encouraging more manufacturing of essential products in the US? President Trump based a crucial part of his economic agenda on bringing back manufacturing to the US. Yet, when COVID hit, we had to source masks, gloves, computer chips, pharmaceuticals, and other items mainly from China. This is unacceptable. We need to make essential products in the US to protect our national security.
  5. Biden’s actions are having a domino effect and harming the economy. What needs to be done to fix it? Oil and natural gas are up. Oil hit $87 a barrel, and we are importing substantial amounts from Russia. Lest we forget, Biden canceled the Keystone Pipeline. He terminated our energy independence. These types of actions have a domino effect, and American citizens bear the brunt of the burden. We need to stop his excessive spending, cut inflation drastically, and reduce the prices of basic goods.
  6. How can people learn more about your campaign or get involved? Please visit my website at and follow me on Twitter @blakeharbinGA.


About Blake

Blake Harbin is the CEO of Houzzle Financial, a mortgage lending company in the Southeast. He has been a small business owner for more than two decades and is an expert in the real estate industry. Blake is running as a candidate for Georgia’s 6th Congressional District in 2022.