Biden’s Road to America’s Oblivion


Biden’s Road to America’s Oblivion

As relentless the Democrats are – and their Goebbels’ Media and Social Platform stooges – in repeating their deliberate lies, misinformation and deceptions, we in the Alternative Media, have no other way than to parry their thrusts as uncompromisingly as possible.

This is why, we have no choice but to repeat many of our statements, comments and conclusions so that “We the People” can be left to decide by themselves as to who is telling them the ‘Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth’.

To start with, I would like our readers to contemplate the following sayings that are uniquely relevant to this article.

“Most of the evil in this world is done by people with good intentions”     T S Elliot

The historical records prove that good intentions are not a substitute to rational thinking based on facts and reality.

Peace for our time was a declaration made by British prime minister Neville Chamberlain in his 30 September 1938 remarks in London concerning the Munich Agreement with Adolf Hitler. On the 3rd September 1939, WWII was declared, with the loss of almost 80,000,000 souls.

“The road to Hell is paved with good intentions”

As far back as the 5th February 2008, U.S. National Intelligence Director Mike McConnell, pointed out Iran’s ongoing uranium enrichment program to question Tehran’s stated nuclear ambitions.  Iran has insisted that its nuclear program is intended solely to produce civilian power, but the enrichment process can produce a nuclear weapon ingredient.

He pointed out “Iran’s declared uranium enrichment efforts will continue the production of fissile material.  This is the most difficult challenge in nuclear production.  Iran’s efforts to perfect ballistic missiles that can reach North Africa and Europe also continue”

“We remain concerned about Iran’s intentions and assess with moderate-to-high confidence, that Tehran at a minimum, is keeping open the option to develop nuclear weapons”.

Yet, on 14th July 2015 – against all the intelligence assessments by different countries – Obama and Biden willingly surrendered the security of not only the USA, but the whole world, by misguidedly signing the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA known commonly as the Iran nuclear deal or Iran deal), reached in Vienna between Iran, China, France, Russia, United Kingdom, United States —plus Germany and the European Union – was intended to allegedly prohibit Iran from having nuclear weapons.

On the 30th April 2018, Israel’s prime minister showed a shocked world, the stolen files and discs from Iran’s secret safes, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt, how insincere and duplicitous the Iranians really are, and continue to be.

During and after the signed agreement, most of the intelligence calculations – with the full public declarations of the Ayatollahs – have concluded that Iran is going Hell bent to get not only the nuclear weapons, but also the ballistic missiles to deliver them.

Yet, Biden is also irrationally bent on going back to the advantageous agreement for the terrorist Mullahs of Iran, and against the extreme concerns of both the Sunni Arabs and Israel.

It is crystal clear that Biden and his advisers have not read – let alone bothered to study – the fundamental beliefs of Shia Iran in particular, or of Islam; hence the outcome of any ‘agreements’ with Iran will never be adhered to by the Ayatollahs, as the realities have so far confirmed.

They have also not studied China’s Xi Jinping whose first and foremost objective is not only to Make China Great Again, but also, his dedication to the China First policy. Biden outrageously defended Xi’s actions against Hong Kong, Taiwan and Uighurs as “culturally different norms”; Biden would thus have been comfortable with Hitler also.

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”  Sun Tzu ‘The Art of War’

During his first 30 days, Biden has done the following that are utterly destructive and retrograde to America’s economic, political, social, military and security.

  1. He signed the greatest number of Executive Orders ever by any president, 30 in 30 days, compared to Trump’s 14.
  2. While the Democrats insanely support the idea of ‘Open Borders’, they nonetheless – with obscene degrees of hypocrisy and duplicity – had the Capitol surrounded with a border defended by 25,000 US National Guard troops costing $500,000,000 of taxpayers’ money. For the safety of the Democrat political elite, unlimited expense; for the security of the American people, just open the borders.
  3. By giving citizenship to 11,000,000 illegals with full rights, it will allow them to lawfully compete with legal American citizens for well-fare benefits, education, health and housing, costing hundreds of billions of dollars that future generations of American will have to service.
  4. The same with the hundreds of thousands (undocumented civilians, terrorists and Cartel members) attempting to cross the border from Mexico.
  5. Reducing or even stopping the ability of ICE to perform its duty to secure the safety of Americans, is by any standard of logic, a gross dereliction of duty.
  6. To give $200,000,000 to WHO, the very organization that deceived the whole world about the Chinese virus, is an unconscionable waste of tax dollars.
  7. To lift the terrorist label from the Shia Houthis of Yemen – who are fully armed by the latest weapons from Iran – since they are just another arm of Iran’s terrorist tentacles, is an insane and self-defeating act by any Commander in Chief.
  8. Biden wants to continue the charade of a Two States solution to the Arab/Israeli conflict when every ‘palestinian’ leader has been publicly and relentlessly declaring for the last 72 years, that their intention is a ONE Muslim state without Jews. Has anyone in the State Department or in all of America’s media ever read the Arafat andHamas Charters?
  9. Going back to the Iran Nuclear Deal shows Biden’s utter contempt for the security of Sunni Arab states and Israel, which will only prove to them how little they can depend for their safety with Biden at the helm. They will therefore look for other powers, or to themselves to do so.
  10. After Trump terminated the head terrorist of the Ayatollahs, Qasem Sloeimani and its subsequent condemnation by all the Democrats and leftists, Iran neither went to war nor started any further action because Trump’s red lines were perfectly clear and he retaliated immediately and proportionately. The recent attack on US assets in Arbil/Iraq was a test for Biden who answered only by “we shall punish the perpetrators”thus opening Americans for further attacks.
  11. Biden wants to combat the mythical ‘Climate Change’ mantra with unproven and unsustainable Green Energy, with hundreds of billions of dollars that America has to print to cover these expenses.
  12. Trump attempted as much as possible to stop reckless spending, while Biden is opening all spigots to full.
  13. He is stopping the Keystone pipeline that already cost several billion dollars, as well as reducing fracking, thus once more making the USA vulnerable and dependent on outside suppliers. This order alone, will add tens of thousands of people to the dole queues.
  14. Although he claims to be a Catholic, his unwavering support for unrestricted abortion, belies this.
  15. He is supporting the ridiculous and unjust idea of paying ‘reparations’ to Black people by about 300,000,000 Americans who are innocent from ever having had a slave and whose parents, grand-parents or themselves, arrived in the USA after the civil war.

This can legitimately open up a Pandora’s Box of reparations that can also be claimed by Native Americans, Latin Americans, Chinese Americans, Japanese Americans, Hawaiian Americans, etc.

  1. Biden is foolishly and very dangerously succumbing to the Leftist derangement syndrome of blaming all the ills of the USA on White Americans, the very people who created the Republic. These utterly false and egregious accusations should lead 197,000,000 (60%) of the American people to rise up and retaliate under the slogan of “Enough, is Enough”of victimising them.

Tragically, and in a crystal clear case of self-hatred, these accusations were started mostly, by very well to do ivory-towers White people, who are completely bereft of knowledge of their own history and its achievements.

  1. Biden’s approach to China is absolutely against the security of the USA economically, politically, militarily and scientifically. Almost all of his statements about China indicate his total lack of realism since in fact, China is the greatest short and long term threat to the USA.
  2. As much as this may sound arrogant on my part, Trump, Biden and all the previous presidents and their advisors were and are completely wrong regarding any agreement with the Taliban of Afghanistan, because – as I have repeatedly pointed out – not a single one of them understands the fundamentals of Islamic belief. Every Muslim is prohibited by Allah’s Sharia, from ever honouring any agreement made with Kuffar/Infidels.

It is a great tragedy that almost 2400 American servicemen died and over 29,000 wounded to save Muslim Afghanis for democracy when even a cursory reading of Muhammad’s Quran and 1400 years of Islamic history, prove this was going to be a horrible mistake.

Dear Americans, the Taliban will ultimately take over Afghanistan with or without American support because they are dealing with the Islamic belief system while the Americans and Europeans are dealing with politics and social norms.

It is a losing contest, since belief is much more powerful than ideas, no matter how irrational these beliefs maybe. America and the Europeans should leave Afghanistan ASAP to its own people making their own destiny. Not a single American service person should die any further and uselessly for Afghanistan.

  1. Already, the jobless figures under Biden are very high and the economics look shaky.

It is an American tragedy that two presidents, the traitors-in-chief Obama and Biden, find it more important to grovel to the world than assert their Americanism. I have not found a single leader of any country in history doing such an unspeakable thing. Their total lack of patriotism and self-dignity are obscene.

After all, what should have been expected from Obama – who eagerly and unworthily accepted the Nobel peace prize for doing absolutely nothing -when he should have had the decency to gracefully refuse it?

In his first 30 days Biden, with extreme degrees of spitefulness and hate, is reversing, demolishing and degrading as many of Trump’s spectacular achievements as he can without for a second, considering how incredibly bad they are for the American people.

Biden is actually fulfilling a line from Virgil’s Aeneid, a Latin epic poem, “Facilis descensus averno,” which translates “the descent to hell/oblivion is easy.”


IQ al Rassooli