Bo Lebo 11/27/2018


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Bo Lebo is a Californian artist educator and the Director of New Education Options.
She is interested in “looking on the bright side of life” by using measurement and
teamwork to transform school for at risk learners.
Because of cognitive research, she is able to play to learn and learn to play with 2 nd and 3 rd
graders and their teachers to anchor words, their meaning, and teach children school
She uses computers to add to her business explorations, has just returned from Ireland
and is deep diving into the meaning of life in the Anthropocene Era. At the present
moment, she continues to bring Scrabble back to the Battle of the Sexes which was
recently relaunched by an onair challenge by Stephen Colbert. Last night NASA put a
new Earthquake Sensor on Mars and a Pasco package of STEM sensors was standing on
the kitchen table and on the way to Common Ground North Ireland. She expects to share
this ecotourism destination as a new kind of classroom collaboration and create a
common ground educational blog for computer shy teachers and new generations of
citizen scientists. This Giving Tuesday to day she would like to talk about wild lesson
plans, sturdy songs, Trees Across the GLOBE, NASA Earth Observer apps.
She hopes to inspire your holiday season, look for new board members and friens and tell
the listeners how they can find a great holiday gift for those looking for words this holday
season and where they might make donations help buy as science adventure shuttle and
give live Winter recess scholarships for So Cal working parents while the LA region
recovers from the Woolsey and Malibu fires.