Bonnie Frankel


Biography of Bonnie Frankel


Bonnie Frankel is an author, athlete and inspirational exercise/sports training specialist. With her experience in instructing others, she has developed a unique plan utilizing the elements of Fire, Air, Earth and Water that are shared in her book,”Bonnie’s Theory – Finding the Right Exercise.”
Throughout the years, Ms. Frankel has been an inspiration to many people. She has survived breast cancer, a suicide attempt after her divorce, a hip replacement and homelessness. But she continues to reinvent her life all by self-rehabilitation through exercise.
Bonnie is no stranger to the media, having been covered nationally and internationally for her accomplishments. She made history by changing an N.C.A.A. (National Collegiate Athletic Association) rule, now known as “The Bonnie Rule.” She became the oldest woman to compete in a Division 1 women’s sport – swimming. She is also known as a world-class runner, and trained to quality for the Olympics, as she still trains today.