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Boy Meets Machine


Boy Meets Machine began in 2008 with two cold-blooded-country boys (singer and bassist, Joel Monet and guitarist, Mike Mentz) relocating from Huntsville, Alabama to Atlanta, Georgia, where they entered the burgeoning local music scene Hell-bent on success.

They quickly formed the first incarnation of the band, and within no time, had amassed 50, 000 plays on their first single, “Under Your Bed,” on Myspace. This garnered the attention of local Atlanta rock radio stations and famed producer, John Feldman and the band instantly gained notoriety. Unfortunately, just as the band was about to break, it imploded because of ideological differences between the members. Joel and Mike were left to regroup and pick up the pieces of an incredibly promising start.

After going through a flotilla of drummers, who never seemed to fit for various reasons and as their hopes of success rapidly waned, Joel and Mike were forced to reconsider their goals and return home. By the divine forces of the universe, on their way back to Alabama, a mutual friend introduced Joel and Mike to guitarist and Berklee College of Music graduate, Christian Colabelli via the Internet. Christian had just returned home from a year tour, playing guitar on Holland America Cruise Lines. During that time, he had been working on original music within the confines of his cabin and was eager to hit land again to try his hand at a completely new musical endeavor. Joel and Mike were exactly what Christian had been searching for.

The two camps quickly hit it off, wrote and recorded what would turn out to be over thirty songs and acquired a major label showcase with Grand Hustle Records within the course of a year and a half. Christian recruited, Walton McMurry, friend and fellow Holland America employee to play drums for the showcase and he ultimately joined the band. The four traveled to Atlanta and performed a full set for the label. The label was very impressed with Boy Meets Machine’s effort, with Vincent Harper, head of A&R stating that, “the group has a tremendous upside,” and “all the ingredients to be one of the most prolific bands of the time.” Although the label decided not to take a risk on a progressive rock band in the end, they bestowed encouraging words and reinforcement upon the group.

Shortly after, Walton left band to pursue a Masters in Music. The band was left “drummerless” yet again and it was beginning to look as if that position in the band was forever cursed. In 2011, Joel and Mike relocated to Christian’s home state of New Jersey in search of a fresh start and more opportunity. They began playing shows as a trio with fully programmed drums, to much acclaim. Meanwhile, Christian began playing guitar clinics and in the process met drummer, and MI graduate, Joe Nivare. The two instantly hit it off, and found that they shared similar musical tastes, views on life and a mutual respect for each other’s playing. Christian invited Joe to join Boy Meets Machine to which he graciously accepted and ultimately solidified the lineup. It was the first time that the band had found stability and a sense of security in its tumultuous career…

Fast Forward to the Future…The addition of Joe has resulted in a barrage of blistering live shows with a whole new demographic of fans being amassed. The band released its first EP entitled, In a World of Wireworks, a challenging collection of pop laden, genre bending, musically complex songs and have in turn etched their own brand of progressive rock music. Boy Meets Machine has received continuous play on The Wrat, 95.9, Jersey’s Rock Radio, thanks to exuberant radio personality, Maria Mar, savior of the local rock scene. They continue to expand their spheres of influence and look forward to the upcoming year.

The band currently resides in New Jersey where they write, record, play and build the machines that now accompany them in the annals of infamy.

Date Recorded: 7/24/2012

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