Bringing Events Back — Important Safety Protocol


“On so many levels, COVID-19 has drastically altered the event security landscape,” says Cory Meredith, President of Allied Universal® Events Services, which is nationally recognized as an industry leading crowd management, event security, consulting, and security management company. “Event security is a dynamic sector that demands that the security professional engage in extensive training which includes how to recognize elevated body temperatures, understand the signs and symptom of heat stress, handling attendee slips, trips and falls, workplace fire safety, workplace violence and active shooter, emergency response and disaster planning, hazardous materials and best practices for arenas, stadiums and amphitheaters.”

Security professionals are implementing a variety of screening services to ensure the safety and health of event participants.  Event security professionals are working with their clients to design and implement screening solutions that best fit their environment, requirements and existing security operations. Today’s security professional is a highly trained individual with access to cutting edge technology including artificial intelligence which consists of state-of-the-art technology that connects artificial intelligence and human response to better protect people with accurate real-time data and safer social interaction

Allied Universal’s Event Services team have been sharing best practices, guidance and tools to help event planners provide a safe and secure environment for all staff and attendees. This guidance, which supports The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommendations on how to keep events safe and includes the following:

  • Support “no touch” entry into buildings, dissemination of personal protection equipment (PPE) and disinfecting supplies and social distancing requirements to keep staff and attendees safe.
  • Conduct distance temperature screening with a broad range of solutions such as handheld, fixed or semi-permanent thermal screening imaging and robotic and kiosk screening technology.
  • Assist with traffic control, provide improved management of drop-offs and pickups, and support ingress and egress locations around venue.
  • Help mitigate further risks with advanced technologies such as Allied Universal’s HELIAUS® platform, LiveSafe®’s Mobile Safety and Security App, access control and remote video monitoring solutions.

Please call if we can connect The Jiggy Jaguar Show​ to Cory Meredith for his advice on implementing the highly advanced safety protocols to ensure staff and patron safety at events nationwide.