C. Douglas Gordon


Blood in the Desert – Book One of the “You Left in Me the Faith” series.
A brutal Roman soldier. A Christian slave girl. Their child.What could go wrong?
Life is raw and cruel for the followers of Yesua in 294 AD. A relentless Roman Empire devoted to torturing and killing Christians leaves young Miriam enslaved to the ruthless army officer Quintus after the brutal murder of her martyred parents. As she grows into womanhood in his household, she endures the shame of bearing his child, a heartache that becomes unbearable when the baby, Philip, is born blind.In a fit of rage, Quintus drives mother and child apart and casts them on separate paths. As they each drift aimlessly to their fate, the mysterious wolf Lupa appears to lead Miriam, while young Philip is taken in by nomadic traders. Follow the riveting tale of their dramatic journey through the treacherous devotions of early Christendom in the days before the Emperor Constantine finds a powerful ally in Yesua and changes the course of history.
Author: C. Douglas Gordon
Book Title: Blood in the Desert
Category: Historical Fiction
ISBN-13: 978-0996853835