California Author Zack Rehfeld Pens Unique Book 10 MINUTE SHORT STORIES


Drawn From Coming Of Age Life Experiences To King Arthur

California author Zack Rehfeld has written his short story collection – – 10 MINUTE SHORT
STORIES – – as a sort of “primer” of life for young people, but at the same time created a book that
will readily pique the interest of older, mature readers too who can see themselves in reflective stories
such as “55 Chevy” or “Devil’s Drop.” “Many of my stories are from the real-life experiences I have
had, lessons I learned maybe the hard way sometimes,” said Mr. Rehfeld. “I guess I was inspired to
write these stories as a way to teach my step daughter about all the kinds of challenges and situations
she would one day face in the world.”
However, not all the stories comprising 10 MINUTE SHORT STORIES are based on so-called “real
life.” In a skillfully told tale that the author titles “Excalibur,” he tells his version of how King Arthur
became a mystical figure in literature. “This story is among my favorites in the book. I have always
been a huge fan of fictional books set in medieval times…I really hope my readers will enjoy how I
see this famous ancient English King came into being.” Other similar stories in this fictional vein
include “Maluk, The Gallant Warrior,” and “Tasumpsa.”


Mr. Rehfeld’s 10 MINUTE SHORT STORIES run the real-life gamut of sketches including loaning
money to friends, creating your own self-reliance- independence and some moral lessons too. “I wrote
many of my stories to send the reader a message, to draw a lesson to be learned by showing how the
characters in the story are portrayed as they play out the scenario,” asserted Mr. Rehfeld. “For instance,
my story ‘Big Mike and Lil Vic’ is about trust between two people.”
In his 92-page book 10 MINUTE SHORT STORIES – containing 38 short stories, 1 poem and a note
from the author – the author also serves up a range of other stories, often in vignette, anecdotal
formats. There’s one entitled “Patrick”; “Hey, Waiter,” a moment between the pages with a would-be
rock star; “Peanut,” a story about bullying (timely today in our schools); “James and the Secret Key,” a
story about a man’s relationship with God and “Morpheus,” a stirring poem that takes the reader on a
reflective journey into life’s joys and mysteries.

About the Author Zack Rehfeld
A native Californian, Zack Rehfeld was a silhouette artist at Disneyland before his book writing days. His
favorite authors include Aesop and O. Henry. When he is not writing, he does volunteer work for people in