Calm Focus Joy



CALM FOCUS JOY is a practical guide written for parents, teachers, psychologists, and child-care professionals who want to learn breath awareness and teach it to children. The book offers ten progressively challenging lessons for the adult and a comprehensive, step-by-step program teaching breath awareness to children.

Supporting the practical lessons is a theoretical framework consisting of teaching strategies, read-aloud instructions for children, stories, answers to commonly asked questions, tips for organizing programs, and current scientific research – everything needed to learn breath awareness and teach children. The ten one-hour lessons can be given over any number of days and can be used to teach one child or larger groups. Children as young as five and as old as eighteen will enjoy the program and benefit greatly.

Breath awareness is one of the simplest and most effective focus training and mind-developing exercises available today. It is proven to promote brain growth, improve learning, increase focus, reduce stress, and develop empathy. Adults and children who practice regularly gain an abundance of self-knowledge and insight into their amazing mind/body phenomenon. Most everyone who practices feels more peaceful and happy.

Date Recorded:5/21/2012

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