Carrie Kuliev


Carrie Kuliev

Now, this incredible woman has been through the ringer, to put it mildly, and her book is basically first hand account, primarily through emails, during her progress through years long devastating bout with cancer that involved years of treatment, much of it with the fantastic outfit here is Southern California called The City of Hope. The emails chronicled in the book provide a view into her day-to-day progress through various stages of the process, how her religious faith and that of those who were in her corner, played into what can only be described as a amazingly difficult process, again to put it mildly. Obviously the advances in treatment have been incredible, however, we all know how touch and go that can be. At the time she was still raising two teenage boys in her house, minus her husband, who was extremely supportive in his own way, while trying to find her way along this path of resurrection. Her parents provided tremendous support, my mother’s brother and his wife, as well as those who loved and prayed for her. She is now cancer free, worked at Disneyland for a time and is slated to begin training as a flight attendant for an airline next month. Her attitude is amazing and it is difficult for me to express how much respect I have for this amazingly strong and upbeat woman. Here it is on Date Recorded: 2/25/2013

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