CEO of Potomac Core Association Consulting on “Reimagining Industry Growth”


I’m reaching out on behalf of Dan Varroney (Founder & CEO of Potomac Core Association Consulting and author of Reimagining Industry Growth: Strategic Partnership Strategies in an Era of Uncertainty) regarding a potential guest interview for the Jiggy Jaguar Podcast.

Recently featured on CNBC + Fox Business, Varroney is a much sought-after expert on economic performance, supply chain issues, and strategic partnerships. His groundbreaking new book demonstrates how utilizing these institutional frameworks can help business leaders leverage the collective strength of the supply chains and value chains to overcome challenges, address uncertainty, mitigate risks, and position their industries for growth.

As the world continues to reel from COVID, countless industries are left uncertain about the future. Because of this chronic uncertainty, leveraging all avenues means that industries need to look beyond traditional growth solutions. One area that provides a tremendous opportunity is optimizing strategic partnerships between industries and trade associations among business executives. This untapped resource will provide a framework to help industries see the future. Reimagining Industry Growth offers readers a blueprint of what’s possible when they explore new, innovative, and thoughtful approaches.

Based on his expertise and key themes from the book, in an interview, Dan Varroney can discuss:

  • Reshoring Supply Chains – Utilizing partnerships to strategize and identify critical steps to achieve this ambitious goal

  • Legislative and Regulatory Policy and their impact on industry growth and economic growth

  • Best Practices for Consultants – how to offer guidance and support in times of uncertainty

  • Achieving Unprecedented Growth – How to move the needle for entire industries

  • Identifying Broader Workforce Solutions in an era of chronic uncertainty and disruption, how to utilize strategic partnerships

  • Framework for CEOs to discover new ways to think about and participate in their own trade association’s value proposition

  • Case Studies in Five Key Industries that illustrate how strategic partnerships can lead to optimal industry growth

  • Building Industry Ecosystems from one end of the value chain to another to shape the external environment and help position an industry for long term growth


Dan Varroney is the President and CEO of Potomac Core, a strategic consulting firm that specializes in association transformation and industry focused strategic partnerships. He has built a successful career as an association executive, leading organizations with diverse focus, from manufacturing to high tech to finance and advocacy.

His deep understanding of policy and regulatory influence on industries has shaped his approach to industry strategic partnerships. Through his own executive experience—and over a decade advising association clients—Dan has applied his data-driven strategic process to the industry and market challenges of trade associations and the domestic and multinational companies they represent. A prolific blog author, he launched and facilitates a group for leading association CEOs with a focus on industry strategic partnerships. His unique methodology has surfaced the key elements of successful strategic partnerships in multiple industries. He is a sought-after expert on economic performance with appearances on CNBC, Fox, Fox Business, Dow Jones, MarketWatch, Bloomberg, Forbes, and the BBC.