About Cheryl
Cheryl grew up in the Chicago area in the home of her Slovenian immigrant
grandparents. Her father moved his family to the Pacific Northwest after he
completed his medical schooling in 1960 where he practiced as a Radiologist.
Cheryl attended Seattle University for two years and finished her Bachelor of Arts
degree at Willamatte University in Salem, Oregon. She attended Portland state
University for her MSW degree and worked as a social worker in a mental health
facility for sixteen years. She has three children and eight grandchildren. Love
Poems and Obsession is a sequel of sorts of her first book, “Sentiment a memoir”
Book Titled “Love Poems and Obsession”
Sensational Intimate Writings for Romantic and Those Interested in True Life
Chicago, US, June 2018: Cheryl Krkoč, a renowned writer and social worker is
thrilled to announce the release of her second book “Love and Poems Obsession.” It
is a captivating tale that revolves around the life of her parents who lived a romantic
life throughout their lifetime. Shortly after the death of her parents, Cheryl was
looking for photos for her “memoir sentiment” in one of the many photo albums
in her brother’s safekeeping when she discovered one album which contained fifty
years worth of poems her dad had written to her mother. She scoured through them
and learned more than she could have imagined about her parents complicated,
tempestuous and spiritual relationship. “Love Poems and Obsessed” provides young
and old as well as the teens with the tools they need to strengthen their love life and
be more romantic with their partners.
Love is the most complex set of powerful emotions a human being can experience,
associated with strong feelings of affection, warmth, protectiveness, and respect
for another person. Cheryl, who has previously written a book titled “Memoir
Sentiment”, got her inspiration to write this new book from her parent’s heroic
love life, and also includes her own impressions and family history related to this
poem as well as photos taken around the time of her parents’ marriage and her
dad’s original hand written poems. Her father’s first language was Slovenian- the
language of love. She would like to share these intimate writings with anyone who
is romantic, or just interested in a true life story.

Book Titled “Sentiments”
This book traces the roots of our family coming to America. My paternal
grandparents and other relatives came from Slovenia to North America, but
other family immigrated to Argentina after immigration standards became more
restrictive in the United States. And this is our story…
Sentiment is a memoir about the author’s life growing up with her immigrant
grandparents, an eccentric and passionate father, a fragile mother, and other
extended family in the Chicago area in the 1950s. Later on, her father moved
across country to Oregon, leaving his extended family behind. The author’s sensual
experiences helped form a framework for understanding her world and navigating
through life. This leads to her search for knowledge about her cultural heritage
and family history, including travels to her family’s homeland. Her impressions
and experiences lead to a focus on personal and family strengths, flaws, losses, and
trauma. Each decade of the author’s life has a distinctive character, and the end of
each decade marks the beginning of a shift in her focus and outlook.