Chester L. Richards, author of the new memoir From The Potato to Star Trek and Beyond: Memoirs of a Rocket Scientist


Chester L. Richards is a retired aerospace engineer, inventor with 19 patents, adventurer, author, storyteller, author and romantic. His philosophy on life is to view all that comes his way as an adventure. Chester and friend Judy Burns co-authored a spec script for Star Trek on a lark. The story, “The Tholian Web,” became one of the series’ most popular episodes. A veteran writer advised the young Chester, “You should write….write your passions.” “But I have nothing to say,” he thought. That was the moment he decided the real message was to fill his life with adventures. And he did — adventures in surfing, learning, performing music, traveling to exotic places for river rafting, and of course, his work as a rocket scientist. He’s now published over 50 essays. It was at his home in Thousand Oaks that he and his late beloved Sarah once shared, that he brought himself back from the brink of despair by writing of the hair-raising adventures Sarah loved. Those adventures continue to occur for Chester, although as he says, he no longer has much hair. For more information on Chester L. Richards, please visit: