Coach Sharkie Zartman and Sports Doctor Robert A. Weil – HeySportsParents: An Essential Guide for any Parent with a Child in Sports


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Expert Advice Preps Parents For Wild World Of Youth Sports

Hermosa Beach CA, September 14, 2018 — Friday night lights are popping on in high school football stadiums across the country, ushering in another season of fall sports that includes football, soccer, cross country, and volleyball. Hearts will race; emotions will run high; nerves will shatter — and that’s just in the parent section.

#HeySportsParents: An Essential Guide for any Parent with a Child in Sports attacks the highs and lows of competition from every angle, with practical, actionable advice for parents of young athletes. Written by professional athlete and coach Sharkie Zartman and sports doctor Robert A. Weil, #HeySportsParents also includes valuable contributions from an impressive assemblage of other experts, as well as firsthand stories from sports parents.

The book is divided into four main sections:

• Sports Parenting 101 addresses the basics of parenting young athletes, such as finding the best programs, parental responsibilities, nutrition, and navigating the college recruiting process.
• The Sports Doctor Is In offers important advice from a doctor’s perspective, such as keeping children safe, youth sports and drugs, and choosing the best shoes.
• Some of the best minds in sports parenting share their insights in the third section, The Experts Speak Out. Topics include parent behavior on the sidelines, sports safety and youth concussions.
• In Parent Perspectives, seasoned sports parents share their journeys through youth athletics.

Sports parenting is easier said than done. That’s why Zartman and Weil teamed up to bring parents everywhere the essential tools and guidance needed to make their experiences as sports parents the best they can be.

Author Sharkie Zartman is a former five-time USVBA All-American volleyball athlete and champion competitor at UCLA. Zartman also competed for the USA Women’s Volleyball National Team in the World University Games and played in the women’s professional volleyball association for five years. She became an outstanding beach player and is a member of the California Beach Volleyball Hall of Fame. Zartman is a professor of health and fitness at El Camino College where she also coached volleyball for ten years. She hosts “Sharkie’s Pep Talk” on radio and has written more than 10 books.

Dr. Robert Weil is a sports podiatrist and has treated many of the world’s top athletes. He is the host of “The Sports Doctor” radio show and has written many articles for newspapers and magazines on sports parenting.

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#HeySportsParents: An Essential Guide for any Parent with a Child in Sports
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Released: April 2018
ISBN-10: 099925104X
ISBN-13: 978-0999251041
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Nicholas A. DiNubile, MD, orthopedic surgeon and bestselling author: “#HeySportsParents is the manual that should come with every young athlete. While it would be a great read for the athletes themselves, it is essential reading for their parent/parents, guardian or anyone actively involved with their athletic pursuits. Sharkie Zartman and Dr. Bob Weil, with their extensive combined experience, provide tremendous insights and information that will help optimize both the sports experience and the outcomes for young athletes at every level. They also enlist an impressive group of experts (as well as some seasoned parents) to add even greater perspective on topics like sports nutrition, sports performance, concussion, and sport safety. Coaches too can take a lesson from #HeySportsParents.”

Dr. David Lawrence: “… This is the perfect book to give as a gift to anyone whose children participate in sports, regardless of the level of participation. … It has an easy to read layout, a logical progression of great tips and sage advice, is thorough without being complicated, and is filled with terrific cartoons that really drive home the essential points.”

Paul Sheitel, DPM, FACFAS: “Two experienced sports experts draw from over seventy years of experience of dealing with young athletes and their parents to bring us a comprehensive look into every concern a parent or young athlete could have concerning their sport. This book should be required reading for parents and athletes already involved in sports or just thinking about participating.”

Lou Vickery, talk radio host, retired professional baseball player: “As a former professional athlete, I was intrigued by the wholeness of Sharkie Zartman and Dr. Bob Weil’s marvelous book, #HeySportsParents! The sports options today are many and varied, creating a dilemma for parents on several fronts as the authors point out. There are issues of age, time and substance that parents must address in deciding what is best for their kids. Sharkie and Dr. Bob have done a terrific job in addressing these issues and concerns. Any parent who has a youngster participating in, or planning to participate in an organized sport, needs to read #HeySportsParents. Well done.”

Dr. Sean McMillan, orthopedic sports medicine specialist: “Wading the waters of child participation in sports is one of the most challenging things a parent has to do. Thanks to Dr. Bob and Sharkie and #HeySportsParents, that challenge has become much easier. This thoughtful and insightful take on how to overcome the pitfalls of youth sports is a must read for my parents of young athletes.”