“College Grads Face Uphill Battle: Could Gig Economy Be Their Future?” Expert Weighs In


Graduates of the class of 2018 are facing a challenging job market, with employers planning to hire fewer new grads than in recent years. Couple this with debilitating student debt, and many young workers may be resorting to finding gig work to make ends meet. According to Gig Economy pioneer Marion McGovern, every college grad needs to learn how to navigate the changing workplace for future success.

“The corporate ladder that many of us intended to climb has now become more of a step stool,” says McGovern. “This changing landscape requires a clear explanation of how new college graduates can succeed.”

In an engaging and thought-provoking interview, McGovern can discuss:

How college grads can find freelance opportunities based on their talents and expertise
The science of pricing: How to determine your price based on skills and the nature of your work
Why the gig economy is perfect for younger workers—offering independence and freedom, while requiring unconventional talents
The four most important skills for thriving in the Gig Economy
Hidden challenges for independent workers that new grads need to know about
Please let me know if you’re interested in speaking with Ms. McGovern and/or receiving a copy of her book, Thriving in the Gig Economy. Thanks for your time, James. I look forward to hearing from you!