“Concordia is a fresh, new five-piece hard/alternative rock band that originated in Cleveland, Ohio in late 2011. Concordia is a testament to just how varied and innovative bands in the hard rock spectrum can be. In one sense, this band is a pure driving force of melodic sounds and instrumentals, but they do so in a way that is powerful and adrenaline pumping all the same. I consider them to be a soft, melodic band with the energy and vigor of a metal band. It can be so rare nowadays to find a band with that uplifting “feel good” melodic sound, but with backing edginess and adrenaline that gets your blood flowing in the process.” Concordia has been compared to bands like Linkin Park, 30 Seconds to Mars, Chevelle, and Breaking Benjamin.
In 2010, after Eric posted a cover of Ra’s “Broken Hearted Soul” on YouTube, he was amazed to find that one of the first comments on the video was from Sahaj Ticotin, lead singer of RA. It wasn’t long before Eric was on a plane to Sahaj’s studio in LA to record what would eventually become Concordia’s debut album, Clarity of Perception. The album was co-written by Sahaj Ticotin (RA), Dustin Bates (Downplay), and features studio drummer Adrian Ost from the critically acclaimed bands Powerman 5000 and Dope.

Eric Emery talked long-time friends Cory Juba (Guitar) and Nick Smith (Bass) into taking a break from their studies at college and becoming members of Concordia. Eric reached out to local virtuoso Kyle Tresch (Drums) to complete the lineup and provide an interesting musical perspective to the band.
Blending everything from soaring melodic choruses to powerful, heavy chugging riffs, their sound will surely appeal to a wide variety of listeners. With catchy hooks and angst-ridden lyrics, Concordia will likely become a veritable force in the hard-rock arena. Make sure to look for Concordia on the road somewhere near you and check out their debut album, Clarity of Perception.

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